Blue Lotus Guesthouse, Sakkara, Egypt

Welcome to Sakkara!


We are an environmentally friendly guesthouse and restaurant, situated at the foot of the Step Pyramid, in the heart of the ancient city of Men-nefer (Memphis) in the village of Sakkara, located 30Km southwest of central Cairo, Egypt.

The Blue Lotus Guesthouse offers nine comfortable rooms in a quiet and serene atmosphere.

With Reservations Only

Try our old Egyptian cuisine and our home country cooking...all locally grown, farm-fresh produce.

We are family operated...ideal for individuals and small groups.

Here, the ancient Egyptians decided to begin their quest of mastering the art of pyramid building.

See for yourself their hope, their successes, their failures...

Visit the many pyramids, by Jeep or camel, that lie within easy reach.

There are so many things to see, from the step-pyramid of King Zoser, to the Senefru pyramids, to the pyramid of Meidum and many more...

Have you lost your balance with nature? Then join our wellness program!

Naturally, all the modern conveniences from the internet to the fax...

Enjoy a serene atmosphere with nature. Home of the rare Egyptian Blue Lotus.

See our water gardens where we cultivate the namesake of the Blue Lotus Guesthouse.


"May I walk every day unceasingly on the banks of my water May my soul rest on the branches of the trees which I have planted May I refresh myself in the shadow of my sycamore.”

Egyptian tomb inscription,
ca. 1400 BCE


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Contact: Bakr M. Fahmy
Telephone: +20 100 5217619

Languages spoken: English, Français, Deutsch, Arabic

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