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Although we have no authentic recipes to follow, it is still possible to create dishes that will not taste very different from those eaten by the people of ancient Egypt.

Recipes remained simple, roasting and grilling for meats and fish, long slow cooking with a few vegetable or herbs for beans and pulses.

We can still get a good idea of what the pharaohs and their people May have eaten from the wall paintings in their tombs, the meals they buried with the dead, and the tales of ancient travelers.

The favorite dishes of the Egyptian people are some of the oldest and simplest, based on wholesome ingredients such as honey, dates, raisins, nuts, beans, whole wheat grains, cumin, garlic, mint and lemon.

The Egyptians' staple food was bread. It was made from barley and emmer wheat, their most common crops. Bread was usually baked in a conical mold that was placed over an open fire.

There were also dome-shaped ovens where net loaves of bread were baked by placing them against either the hot interior or exterior of the dome.

Numerous varieties of fruits and vegetables were grown in irrigated gardens. Fruits included figs, grapes, plums, dates, and watermelon. Vegetables included beets, sweet onions, radishes, turnips, garlic, lettuce, chick peas, beans, and lentils. They also ate peas, cucumbers, and leeks. Vegetables were often served with an oil and vinegar dressing.


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The Egyptians ate a variety of meat, fish, and fowl. Beef, mutton, pork, and wild game such as hyenas were part of their diet. Fowl included domestic geese and pigeons and a wide variety of wild birds--herons, pelicans, cranes, wild ducks, and wild geese. The Nile supplied many kinds of fish, including catfish, mullet, Nile tilapia, and perch.


The main beverage of ancient Egypt was beer, but the frequent depictions of grape arbors on tomb walls and the numerous wine vessels found throughout Egypt indicate that wine was also popular. However, only the nobility could afford to drink wine on a regular basis.

Ancient Egyptians, were human after all, and like their descendants, they enjoyed eating and sitting around for their meals with family and friends....

Try our delicious dishes, all made from fresh produce...straight from the fields.


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